First broadcast of the original documentary ” 5°C de plus” by Victor Jullien on climate change in which researchers of the Paleoclimate team have participated this summer.

See you on Saturday 24th of october 2020 at 8:45 p.m. on Ushuaia TV!

* * *

During the 20th century, the global average temperature increased by 0.85 °C. Some scientists estimated that the warming could reach as much as 5 ° C by 2100. A situation which would be catastrophic for humanity. However, for millions of years, the Earth has never stopped blowing hot and cold. It has experienced a succession of warming and cooling periods that once allowed palm trees to take root in the North Pole and lions to live in Siberia. Since the dawn of time, arid meadows have replaced endless expanses of ice. The melting of the permafrost has created a mosaic of lakes. Deserts have become an oasis. The landscapes are perpetually shaped by the climate.

So why should we worry about it today? Isn’t the current warming just a temporary climate anomaly? Or is it just overheating caused by human activities? To find answers, one must delve into the Earth’s archives, explore its depths to uncover irrefutable evidence of its climatic past.